2×4 Furniture Plans: Simple Project for Your Home

This morning you woke up feeling creative.  Not only that, you were also feeling energetic—you had ran the entire neighborhood around, but you still felt that itchiness in your hands.  You wanted to do something.  Besides that, you wanted to surprise your wife when she got home from shopping.  Hence you picked up some tools and browsed the internet for some 2×4 furniture plans.

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2x4 furniture plans 30 days

What are 2×4 Furniture Plans?

The term 2×4 itself refers to the blocks of wood going by the standard size of 1.5 x 3.5 inches.  They are very widely used in the do it yourself projects and furniture world, since they are very easy to find.  2×4 also comes in several prices which are based on the quality or the grades.  The better the quality of the woods are, the higher is the price.  This means you can conform the available 2×4 nicely to your needs.

Generally, 2×4 is used for furniture, but you may find them as floors, walls, cupboards, etcetera.  The benefit of using 2×4 is that it is cheap and easy to use.  In the store, you can find them as cheap as $2.5 for the regular pine wood.  2×4 usually came in 6 feet to 10 feet, which you can chop off without much difficulty for further use.

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2x4 furniture plans free pdf

Getting the Best 2×4 Furniture Plans

It is common to find do it yourself furniture projects with 2×4 as the main material. Assembling 2×4 is quite similar to playing building blocks—except that to connect a piece to another you must use nails, instead of snapping two blocks together with the available snap fit hooks.  Since you have decided to make furniture from 2×4, what you should do next?  That would be choosing the best 2×4 furniture plans for your home.

Design ideas for 2×4 is not hard to find.  You might want to go to the bookstore, or you can simply look for them online, where the designs are mostly free.  After choosing the kind of furniture you want to build, you should make a list of requirements.  These requirements consist of the specifications that you want to have from your furniture plans.  For example, you might want to put down complexity, budget estimation, and aesthetics.  Pick five plans which you think will work best from your list.

Afterwards, you should rate those plans based on the requirements you have specified before.  The idea which gets the highest score is the best out of all 2×4 furniture plans, which you should pick for your main idea.

Get the inspiration choosing your 2×4 furniture plans from this video list from Jay Bates:

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