Billy Cart Plans with Steering Wheel

Billy cart has been popular for long time ago. It was originally pulled by a goat. But, then when there were motor power and pedals, the design of Billy cart is also changed. It was not attached to goat anymore. Long time ago, Billy cart was usually used by children to have a race in downing the hills. It was like the vehicle for them to play together. After, it got some evolution, Billy cart is still become the cheap vehicle that do not power on it. Nowadays, if someone refers to Billy cart, it refers to small vehicle with four wheels that is powered with the gravity or it can be moved when it is pushed.

This article will discuss about Billy cart plans with steering wheelMaybe it will be useful for you if you want to make it by yourself. Sometimes people use it for fun or maybe to help them to carry the things.

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billy cart plans with steering wheel

Parts of Billy cart plans with steering wheel

Actually building Billy cart is so easy because the design is so simple and you just need basic skill of construction to make it. Before you start to make the Billy cart, you should know the parts of it so that you can make all of those parts right. Billy carts have four main parts. The first part is the seat or the body. This is the main part of Billy cart. The second part is steering disc. The third part is similar with the second part that is steering. However, the second part and the third part are connected each other. The last part is wheels. This is the last part that you can put in the last step when you make it. All of those parts should be there on Billy cart. If you still do not know clearly about those parts, you can check the picture of them.

Billy Cart Plans with brakes

Tools needed of Billy cart plans with steering wheel

There are some basic tools that you will need for building Billy cart. This article will only give some of them. These tools are easily can be found. Some of them are circular saw, drill, and hammer, set square, spanners, pencil and ruler.

Those are some information about Billy carts that can you use for making your own Billy cart. Those are only little information about it. If you think that this information isn’t enough for you to build your own, you can get more information on the internet that you need. There are much of them that tell about Billy cart plans with steering wheel.

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Look how to build Billy cart with steering wheel by bunningswarehouse on this video below: