Cardinal Birdhouse Plans

Seeing a cardinal that builds its nest in your backyard is great because cardinal is one of the most beautiful birds that are willing to stay at the same place throughout the year. Cardinal has a unique look that makes it a bird that is worthy of seeing. Its distinctive bright red plumage, orange bill and conspicuous crest make it bird enthusiasts’ favorite.

If you want the bird to build its nest in your backyard, you surely have to condition your backyard so that the bird is willing to stay there. Once the bird has decided to stay in your backyard, you should be happy because the bird will never leave its nest for the year to come. Cardinal is a non-migratory bird that stays at the same place year-round.

How should you build a cardinal birdhouse to attract the bird to stay in your backyard? Read on to learn about steps that you must take to build the birdhouse.

red cardinal birdhouse plans


How to Build a Cardinal Birdhouse Using the Best Cardinal Birdhouse Plans

  1. Be familiar with cardinal’s preference.

Cardinal is different from birds that stay in cavities, such as sparrows and wrens. Cardinal loves open space and it will only build its nest on an unenclosed place. Cardinal also enjoys staying at a place that is far above the ground.

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  1. Start imagining about the birdhouse that you want to build.

After you become familiar with cardinal’s preference, you can start imagining about the birdhouse that you want to build. Because the birdhouse must be open and located far from the ground, you may want to use a wooden platform or wire bird cage to create the frame of the house and you want the platform to be located at least five inches above the ground. Putting the platform on the branches of a tree, on an erected post, or on fences are some options that you can choose from to keep the platform off the ground.

cardinal birdhouse plans free

  1. Get intuitive plans for building the birdhouse.

If you gather cardinal birdhouse plans before starting your building project, the project will be more systematic and easier to complete. Surf the internet and look through magazines to find the best birdhouse plan that you can use to plan the building of your birdhouse.

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  1. Start building the birdhouse.

After getting the best plan, you can start building the birdhouse. Be sure that you build multiple birdhouses that are placed at different places so that your chance to attract the bird will be bigger.

Look how to build simple cardinal birdhouse by Matthew Cremona on this video below:

Personally, I’ve been using a collection of plans to help me with all my woodworking projects including cardinal birdhouse plans. You may check it out here: Ted’sWoodworkingGuide