DIY Bunk Bed Plans: Make Your Own Bed

Bunk bed is somehow turning out to be very attempting for some people who want to set up a bedroom today. Some people like to buy and use the service for the installation of the bunk bed. But some of them like to do the installation by themself, well after all the DIY bunk bed plans can be found easily everywhere. Here I give you some simple basic DIY bunk bed plans steps.

DIY Bunk Bed Plans Steps

The first basic thing you need to do is to remove any baseboard molding that installed on your wall. Remember that we will install parts of the bunk bed right on your wall. You do not want to have some spaces that will make you get difficulty during the installation process.

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Before you place the cleats on the wall, you need to measure the wall paneling with the placement of your cleats. The closest distance between the wall paneling and the placement of the cleats should be ¾”. This gap will let you set up some decorative post that you will add later as optional item. Use adhesive construction and nails to fasten the cleats.

Headboard, Molding, Footboard
In DIY bunk bed plans, after you install the cleats, you will be able to attach the headboard, molding, and also the footboard since the cleats is the base of the whole structure in making the bunk bed. The headboard unit should be installed and attached to the cleats. Find where the paneling meets the bed so that you can add corner molding. In order to get clean finish, use finishing nails to install the molding. Meanwhile for the footboard, you need to install it at the opposite end of the cleats. Use the nailing to finish the installation of the footboard. After you put the headboard and footboard assembled, then you attach it to the wall with nails directly.

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Side Rail
The side rail needs to be installed with the bottom side on the panel right in the center side. To ensure that it is perfectly installed, you need to use carpenter’s level. You may need to look at some technique in other DIY bunk bed plans since there are so many of them that should be easier for you to do. After finish with the installation, all you need to do just add the trundle and mattresses on their place.

This is the last part that should be installed. Install the ladder right at the foot of the bed. Be careful when you finish and install the ladder; make sure that you install it properly. It will be dangerous if you install it in the wrong way and it is not strong enough for someone to step on it.

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Good DIY bunk bed plans offer this steps and it is just matter of following the instructions. Just stick closely to the plans instruction and don’t deviate from it to make sure you get result that you want.

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