2 DIY Farmhouse Table Plans

Do you want to have farm table at home? Well, this table appeared in America at the end of 18th century. This table style represents the romantic style where people want to go back to the past memory. Somebody who missed about nature in that century tried to find out its sense by creating the home furniture by natural materials. By that way, they could feel to be closer with nature.

Well, nowadays having farm table can be the antique asset for you. Besides that, it will create the classic and natural sense at your home. Getting farm table is not only at furniture store. You can also create it by yourself with some plans. So, do you want to get DIY farmhouse table plans? If you want to get them, you can keep reading here. This article is going to discuss about it. Let’s check them below and find your best reference only here!

diy farmhouse table plans

DIY Farmhouse Table Plans- Black and White Farm Table

First plan for you is to make black and white farm table. As its name, this table will be dominated by black and white colors. For creating it, you have to prepare some oak woods including four vertical boards with dark black colors. After preparing those materials, you can solid up the oak woods as the table legs and frame. Then, you can paint the white color for its frame.

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What you have to do then? Then, you will solid up the black boards to be the table top. After arranging them, you can apply it on the table frame. Finally, homemade black and white farm table can be placed at your back yard. It will support the natural point of your home.

diy farmhouse table and bench plans

DIY Farmhouse Table Plans- Brown Farm Table for Four People

This second farm table is so perfect to be placed at your terrace. You can enjoy tea time on the terrace with it. For making it, you only need simple steps. You can prepare wooden materials and other stuffs. After that, you have to create the simple table with 80 cm of height. Meanwhile for its length and width, it is about 50x 50 cm.

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After it is already done, you can apply brown paint. Well, now the simple brown farm table is ready to accompany your tea time. Finally, those are all some plans of homemade farmhouse table that can be your reference.

Look how to build farmhouse table by DIY Pete on this video below:

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