Make Your Own DIY Foosball Table Plans

do you have a foosball table at home? well, having foosball table is kind of fun as it can be used to throw away your boredom while at home. and what if you build your own DIY foosball table plans? doesn’t it feel fun? we will present some steps you could follow to make any. check it out!

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Materials You Should Prepare In Making DIY Foosball Table Plans

to make a DIY foosball table plans we show you the material list you should prepare:

  • 1 x 6’ x 8’ x 0.75’ plywood made from birch (major cabinet).
  • 1 x 6’ x 4’ x 0.75’ plywood made from birch (legs).
  • 1 x 6 ‘x 8’ x 0.75’ particle board for the playfield.
  • 1 x 6’ x 8’ x 0.25’ laun plywood for the ball return system.
  • 1 x box of 2” screws made from wood.
  • 18 x 5.5’ x 3/8” nuts and bolts (affix the legs).
  • 6 x 1” changeable table feet (legs bottom)
  • 1 x 70” x 40” x 0.25” Plexiglas for the surface of playfield
  • 13 x red foosball men
  • 13 x green foosball men
  • 16 x 1.5” shatter one-piece bearing
  • 1 of genuine ball
  • 3 playfield trim strips.

If you want to know about table dimensions and sizes you can check here

diy foosball table plans

Construct Your DIY Foosball Table Plans

follow these constructions below to build your own DIY Foosball Table Plans as good as you expect:

  1. cut all the pieces from ¾ inch of birch plywood into actual size of every parts. the bottom of ¾ inches parts are 2×10”x55.5” foe each sides, 2×10”x28.5” for the ends, 16×3.25”x29 for the legs and 8×2.5”x2.5” for the leg end insert caps. while for the top half the size are 2×6”x55.5” for each sides, 2×6”x28.5” for the ends, 2×4.25”x48” for the inside sides, 2×4.25”x28.5” for the inside ends, 2×2.25”x28.5” for the ends top caps and 8×2.25”x3.5” for the end top cap supports and 1×54”x28.5” for the playfield surface.
  2. engrave six cuts from two inside backs, 2 bottom sides, and the playfield by drilling and cutting straight using saw.
  3. assemble the legs using glue and clamps. secure the legs by pressing each sides after glued. it will strengthen the foosball table legs.
  4. Place the Plexiglas over the playfield. engrave the cuts out of Plexiglas and sand it with sand grit paper. place it on the playfield and knock around the edges to lock it.
  5. assemble the lower half  as it consist of two halves (the upper and the lower). the bottom half is containing the ball-return system and also the legs.
  6. drill the holes for the upper half and then attach to the surface of the playfield using screw. to attach wood to the side rails you should use glue.
  7. to protect the playfield, coat it with veneer smoothly.
  8. assemble all the separate components into one. the most fun thing is inserting guys and rods.

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homemade foosball table plans

This is the basic instruction about building foosball tables. You can build up your own plans or look up them off of the Internet. An Internet search will also yield all of the specifics you need to know before you get started on your DIY foosball table plans.

The best foosball table plans I found are at TedsWoodworking. They offer many simple plans for the tables to follow, as well as plans for just about any other project you can imagine. They also give you lots of advice on how to actually do it in the project. It is a must for projects and gift ideas to have.