Dovetail Jewelry Box Plans for Your Lovers

Dovetail jewelry box plans apparently are one of many things which became very popular with those of you who have a hobby of collecting accessories and have so many collections of jewelry. Actually you can get a jewelry box by way of buy at the mall and elsewhere because of course today there are many people or craftsmen who will take advantage by providing what is needed by the customers.

Below we will give you the plans for the jewelry box with dovetail style. Perhaps if you are interested, you can make it yourself or ask a craftsman to create one for you. The material of the jewelry box is made of wood because it has nice and elegant impression.

double double dovetail jewelry box plans

First step in deciding dovetail jewelry box plans

The first thing you can do to decide the dovetail jewelry box plans is to know how to design the inside of the jewelry box. If you make it out of wood as we suggest, then make jewelry box with enough depth for (at least) two flats. Then if you have decided the space, you can arrange the bulkhead which will divide the rooms in it so you can arrange the accessories type in every room of the jewelry box.

Do not forget to make it with unique models or maybe with good technique of making box from wood and has a characteristic that if you make the jewelry box as a gift for someone else, then of course it will be a very special gift.

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dovetail jewelry box plans

After deciding dovetail jewelry box plans, you should…

Of course, you should choose the materials. We suggest you to make the box by oak wood. Oak has the nice natural pattern and great colors. Besides, it easily found around your place, the prices are not that expensive especially if you just buy it for a box. You can get the cheaper price of wood in the wood store which sells the wood by the weight.

If in the first place you have the design, of course it would be easier for you to realize it into a box. You can make it by yourself or ask the craftsmen to do that. Do you know the puzzle technique to assemble the wood? We thought it could be good technique to make the box looks great and in other word the dovetail jewelry box plans are well assembled.

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You can look on this video how to build dovetail jewelry box by Paul Sellers below here:

Personally, I’ve been using a resource to build my own dovetail jewelry box. It has lots of jewelry box plans which you can choose from. You may want to have a look at this resource here: