Free Octagon Picnic Table Plans for Your Garden

if you don’t have large investment, building free octagon picnic table plans will be a nice project for your garden. the octagon picnic table is very supreme if you have large family or friends who always come by every weekend. make sure you have decided what design you will apply for your free octagon picnic table plans. use the high quality woods like pine, cedar or redwood, as these woods are durable with good appearance.

free octagon shaped picnic table plans

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Stuffs You Should Prepare Before Building Free Octagon Picnic Table Plans

  1. Materials
  • 4 pieces of 2×4 woods about thirty three inches long.
  • a piece of 2×4 woods about sixty two inches long, two pieces of 30 ¼ inches woods, 2 pieces of thirty inches woods for the frame.
  • 2×4 or 2×6 woods for the tabletop.
  • for the support prepare a piece of 2×4 woods with ninety five long, two pieces of 46 ¾ inches, two pieces of 46 ½ inches woods.
  • for the seat, prepare 2×4 or 2×6 woods.
  1. Tools
  • framing square, hammer
  • measuring tape, sander, safety gloves and safety glasses.
  • drill, hole digger, miter saw, screwdriver

free octagon picnic table plans with umbrella hole

Steps in Building Free Octagon Picnic Table Plans

follow these steps to build your own free octagon picnic table plans:

  1. for the frame, ct the 2×4 woods using circular saw. before drilling conduct hole and slotting in the galvanized screws, ensure the corners are in right angled. use a jig to drill the pocket holes. if you want to achieve firm joints, insert 2 ½ inches screws.
  2. attach the rest lumber components by making sure that you have cut the opposite ends at around 30 degree. to obtain ultimate result, add waterproof glue to enhance the link of the joints.
  3. affix the 1×4 or 1×6 slats to the table frame. cut with good circular saw and line them up before drilling and slotting the galvanized screws in. put ½ inches of small piece wood between the slats to make a constant gap. to get nice appearance, countersink the head of the screws.
  4. turn the table upside down. attach the 2×4 legs to the table frame. cut the legs ends at 30 degree and secure them to the table frame with 2 ½ inches screws along with the waterproof glue.
  5. affix the support of the benches by drilling the conduct holes and inserting 3 ½ wagon bolts. make sure the supports are completely horizontal.
  6. cut the rest components at right size and secure them with screws after measuring them.
  7. engrave the slats at 67.6 degree to build the benches of the octagon table. drill conduct holes at slats ends and slot the screw in to the benches frame. to get the best result, align everything accurately.
  8. for the finishing touches, sanding the table surface with grit sandpaper and then breaks with wood filler. allow it to dry.

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Ted McGrath is a do it yourself woodworking enthusiast and craftman. He has built many picnic tables for friends, family and his own home. He hopes you will build yours with a good set of picnic table plans. For more good information and woodworking ideas you can visit Ted’s website here: Ted’s Woodworking Guide. Start your picnic table project today!