DIY Purple Martin Birdhouse Plans

Before you start raising martin, one thing you have to do is preparing the purple martin birdhouse plans. You should consider many factors in doing cultivation and livestock of martin. However, if you have a plan in preparing the birdhouse, you have determining the importance of the martins’ birdhouse.

Does it affect the success of livestock or not? The success of the livestock of the martin is determining by the condition of the martins. Whether the birdhouse is quite comfortable and adequate to protect the martin from distractions of surrounding environment and can lead to martin to always convenient to chirp or may not be comfortable.

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simple purple martin birdhouse plans

Ideal Purple Martin Birdhouse Plans

In determining a purple martin birdhouse plans, you can adjust to the conditions and needs of the martins. You can use a closed birdhouse, which protects the martin from the environment and weather. Typically, a sealed enclosure is used to protect the incubating of the martin children. It is caused by moisture in the birdhouse is very influential in the process of child rearing.

Closed birdhouse is suitable for martin and it requires calmness, humidity, and stability temperature. In addition to using a closed birdhouse, you can also use a solitary birdhouse. Solitary birdhouse has an open air circulation and facilitate you in the process of drying, mental training, and mastering sounds of the martin.

However, a solitary cage is not only used for martin but also can be used by other bird species that have a specific purpose and more practical, easily moved, and not too heavy.

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wooden purple martin birdhouse plans

How to Make Purple Martin Birdhouse Plan

Actually, to make purple martin birdhouse plans does not have a standard measurement and a certain size. Ideally, martin birdhouse has a gauge of 45 x 45 x 50 cm or 50 x 50 x 50 cm with a rectangular shape. Many people say that a medium-size 45 x 45 x 50 cm is very fitting for martins because it is not too wide and not too narrow and already provide sufficient space for the martin.

In choosing the material quality, you can use a strong material, protected from damp areas so that the birdhouse is not moldy and you must always clean the cage. You can also give a perch with a diameter of approximately 1cm made of wood with a rough surface and blunt. To put the perch, you can compose more than one perch and arranged in parallel.

Follow this video instruction how to build purple martin birdhouse:

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Have fun this weekend and make a nice home for our fine feathers friends … and a wonderful bonus that you should get to inspire a child to take wood crafts!