Shuffleboard Table Plans – How to Build Shuffleboard Table

Building our own shuffleboard needs to be adjusted with the adequate space. If we have the time and feel able to build it our self, it can be the enjoyable moment for us to pass this challenge. Frequently, this big task needs 64 hours to realize our first hand made furniture. This duration covers the frame and legs, playing surface, finishing the frame, finishing the surface, and final assembly. Those are the timeline project that will spend the mentioned duration.

diy shuffleboard table plans

Tools & materials needed for building shuffleboard table plans

Wood is the main matter to build this furniture. The types of woods offered are the mahogany, oak ad maple for its body and the butcher block design for its countertop. If we expect to own the high quality table, selecting the hardwood will provide the high quality table. This staple needs the using of the complete items in woodworking shop.

Those are table and miter saws, surface planer, router, biscuit joiner, saw horses, jig saw, carpenters square, medley nuts and bolts and many others. Yes, to practice of building it, you must complete your craftsmanship’s collections.

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How to build the shuffleboard table plans

  1. Building a side view of a 17′ shuffleboard table and pursued by building of overhead view for this shuffleboard table.
  2. Showing leg spacing of shuffleboard’s overhead view.
  3. Measurement of the Shuffleboard Playing Surface
  4. The dimensions of overhead view of playing surface on a 17′ table.
  5. Dimensions of Cradle and Playing Surface
  6. Seal the surface and style it based on your appetites. Curling the ring on the edge of its surface with the paper, then make the box.
  7. Fixing the ends of the box by glue the carpet into it.
  8. Adding the bars for the table’s complement.
  9. The leg of the table should be considered based on the high, deep and the size of the box. Its construction is the crucial point due to it supports the box and keeps it safer. For the legs matter, until now wood occupies the frequently matter used. Its dimension should be adjusted to fit with our boxes. Different box will need the distinguish legs. Then, we can set it up to the holes on the table.

indoor shuffleboard table plans


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Now, shuffleboard is in your house and you are the successful maker. Applying the creative finishing will give the distinguish impression for the seers. The hassle in building this furniture won’t you feel again in the next session of making.

Look how to build Shuffleboard table by Jeff Fischer on this video below:

The best Shuffleboard table plans I’ve found are at TedsWoodworkingGuide . They offer many easy to follow plans for many tables, as well as plans for just about any other project you can think of. They also give you a lot of advice in how to actually do the project. It’s really a must have for project and gift ideas.