How to Make Simple Bed Frame Plans on Your own

Simple bed frame plans is a solution for you who want to have new bed with less cost. With the simple designs, the materials that are used are commonly less than the common design of bedroom. As for the making process, it will require shorter period to make it.

This bed frame is not only suitable with you who have small bedroom but also perfect for those who do not prefer too exaggerated design of bed. Even though the design of the frame is considered as simple, it does not mean that you can carelessly use the materials. Durable materials are actually what we need because it will affect on how long your bed will stand. Here, some of the stages that you can follow when you make your own simple bed frame.

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simple wood bed frame plans 2


Make the basic structure of simple bed frame plans

The first thing that you should never forgets when making simple bed frame plans is actually measure the size of the box springs. Make sure you eclipse the length around 3.5 inches. Saw two woods using that measurement. After you have done with the lengths, turn to the width. Again, measure the width of box spring. Eclipse the width with 1 inch. Cut two woods using that width. Set the long cuts against each other; connect both of them using the short cuts until all form rectangle shape. Make three screw holes on each corner that connect between the long wood and the short one.

After that, secure the connection between long wood and short wood with screws. As you give additional length and width for each wood, it provides small room on each around. Hence, whenever you put box springs in it would not make it get trapped by the bed frame.

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simple platform bed frame plans

Attaching the bed legs into simple bed frame

You require adding scrap blocks around a half inch in every corner of the frame and also in the tip of every long cut. It will be really helpful to attach the legs of the bed because it makes the legs remain standings when you screw them. Attach the feet in the corner by hand clamp while the other in the end of the long cuts. Make screw holes on both sides on each corner.

Put the screws in the entire holes and secure them. To make sure that your simple bed frame plans is done perfectly, flip it over and check all the connections. After you get everything right, you can place the box springs into the frame.

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