Simple Floating Deck Plans Tips

Simple floating deck plans will be great to be applied in your house. A floating deck in front of your house or on your backyard will give your house an elevated area to enjoy, relax, and sit down with a cup of coffe to admire the beautiful view of your garden, of your neighborhood and so on. It is only several inches above the ground but the deck is really indeed beautiful and can be used for many occasions. The time to build this kind of platform is not long at all, it will be even easier when you already know the tips. Below are some simple floating deck plans tips.
simple floating deck plans

Simple Floating Deck Plans:

Location Location

The location where you are about to build the floating deck is needed to be considered wisely. Try to build the floating deck near beautiful area of your house such as on the backyard near the garden or swimming pool or in front your house near the fishpond or your children’s playground. By doing that, your elevated area can be used to enjoy, relax, and sit down to admire the beautiful view of your garden, fishpond, or your children’s playground. It will be better if your floating deck is on the backyard so that it can be used for outdoor dinner party or barbecue party.

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Use Fast Drying Concrete

To make the construction of your floating deck faster, try to use fast drying concrete for the foundation of the floating deck and as the material to lay down the pressure-treated boards. However, be careful in using fast drying concrete because it can get dry really fast so make sure all of the other materials including the pressure-treated boards are ready when the fast drying concrete are laid down. So, once it is laid down, the pressure-treated boards can be laid on top of the fast drying concrete immediately.

diy floating deck plans

The Size Matters

Even though the floating deck is fun and can give your house an elevated area for multiple purposes, it is not good if the deck is covering all of the yard. You have to consider the dimension of the floating deck and the size of your yard. It will be better if the dimension of the floating deck is only a quarter of the total size of your yard. Simple floating deck plans like this will surely help you to elevate the value of your property.

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Look how Bob Vila build the simple floating deck on this video for your reference:

Build a simple floating deck for some people maybe is too difficult. Nothing impossible to do woodworking stuff if you follow the plans. If you want to get the job done please make sure you got the the plans include a list of tools and material that required to do. Need a weekend ore even one day to build simple floating deck. Just ensure you get all of the material before you get started.

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