Small Horse Barn Plans for Healthy Horses

If you live with your horse, you certainly have to build a barn for it. Building a small horse barn plans is relatively easy and you can do it without professional help, especially if you use a barn kit to build it. There are, however, several factors that you have to mind if you want to build a small horse barn.

Factors to Consider When Using Small Horse Barn Plans

  1. The location of the barn

The barn must be constructed on level surface. Besides, environmental factors, especially wind, must be taken into consideration. Because your barn must be ventilated properly in order to allow enough wind to enter it, you have to make sure that you know the direction of the wind and build the barn accordingly. The door of the barn should face a direction that is 45-degree away from the direction of the wind.

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small horse barn plans with living quarter

  1. Parts of the barn

A barn should at least consist of a stall, a tack room, a feed room, and a room where manure pile, equipment, and has are stored. Be sure to assign the location of each room strategically. You can search online for small horse barn plans to find the best plan for your barn; however, be sure to adjust the plan that you find according to your specific needs. A stall that is located near tack and feed rooms is a great designing idea because it allows you to go back and forth between those rooms and the stall with ease. Every horse should have its own stall.

Therefore, if you have multiple horses, be sure to build enough stalls for them. Be sure that the stall is spacious enough to house your horse. A horse of any age and size usually needs at least 12-by-12-foot box stall. A larger stall, however, is always recommended.

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small horse barn plans for healthy horses

  1. Building method

A barn can be built from raw building materials or using a barn kit. If you are already familiar with horse barn construction, the former building option may be the best for you as you can make your construction project more budget friendly by purchasing cheap materials separately.

If you prefer a quick and easy way to construct the barn, use a barn kit. A barn kit is usually accompanied with a manual, which tells you about how to use the kit and how to build a sturdy barn from it.

Building a small horse barn is easy. As long as you pay attention to those important factors, a horse barn is never too difficult to build. Time is money, and a good set of plans of small stables, you should be able to complete your small barn in a couple of weekends. The project is on budget or below, and you will be happy to give you a small investment to make in the plans designed by professional

If you have decided to make a small horse barn yourself, you may visit which has got detailed plans prepared by experts.