Snoopy Dog House Plans for Lovely Dogs

Everyone knows the animal cartoon character created by Charlie Brown, Snoopy the white dog with his red dog house. This character becomes popular over decades and frequently the cartoon character becomes the idea of certain them of party or decoration. Specifically for dog owners, they sometimes consider to build a house for their pet based on snoopy dog house plans.

The image when Snoopy lays down on the roof of its red dog house are popular and familiar so many people want to use the house dog to their sample in making own house for their pet. The design of Snoopy dog house is basically simple and minimalist because it consists of a half-curvy door and the color is red although some modify with white as the body of house and red for the roof.

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snoopy dog house plans

Basics of Snoopy Dog House Plans

Since the design of Snoopy dog house is the basic, we can break the parts into single panels for about the number of seven. A pair of rectangular panels as the side body of the house, another pair of rectangular panels for the top and bottom of the house. Triangle-halved panels comes in a pair with one panel will be hollowed out with shape of half curved as the entrance or door of the dog house.

Two panels are used for the roof and smaller rectangular panel will be used for the roof to give laying space.  Those are the break down description of snoopy dog house plans from the basic. To modify the basic is very simple. Since the plan comes with minimum numbers of panels’ usage, to make it stronger and sturdier, you can double the panels or use thicker material.

snoopy dog house diy

Modify Snoopy Dog House Plans

Modifying the Snoopy dog house is possible not only for the dimension but also the colors and construction. The use of accent of the roof and added other colors are possible to do. To meet individual necessity of the reason why build a Snoopy dog house, it may come with the sturdiness consideration. Using thicker and stronger material or making double layers of panels can help.

When building this dog house, go find snoopy dog house plans to get the basic description of the house then for any modification to do you can refer to the basic plan. Consider the dimension of the dog house based on the function whether it is used for decoration or for your pet’s house. You can also add your personal touch of creativity.

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