Wooden Windmill Tower Plans

You will find a lot of information related to wooden windmill tower plans by surfing on the internet. Actually the windmill has two main purposes which are for water distribution and industries stuff. But this time we will discuss about the windmill tower which was made of wood materials.

Tower for the windmill is a necessity that serves to support the windmill. Choose the wood for the main material of making the windmill tower seems to be easier than choose the iron or other metal materials. This is because wood is easier to be modified and assembled than steel or other metals. Other than that wood is cheaper than steel. You can look for wood with great power to support the weight of windmill and has the power like iron, for example is tamarind wood. So, in this article we will discuss about the tips to make windmill tower with wood materials.

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free wooden windmill tower plans

Wooden windmill tower plans: decide the design to set the materials

Build up a tower to support heavy objects would be better if designed with the crosses planks model. Of course the size of the tower was also necessarily to be adjusted to the size of the windmill. If the windmill is big enough, then you have to prepare more wood and the timber would also have to be large to be able to support heavier loads.

Moreover if the size of windmill is medium and even small, then you just need a little material and the woods should be not as big as the windmill with bigger size. Windmill which was installed in each house usually has several functions, such as to deliver water and also beautify the backyard or front yard of your house. Therefore, even if the object is merely tower, it seems you also have to think about finishing materials of wooden windmill tower plans.

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wooden windmill tower plans to pump water

seal it with outdoor paint or outdoor varnish

We all know that wood can be rotten if it often exposed by water, acid on the weather, dirt and dust, and many more. Than to make the tower sturdier, you need to seal it with paint or varnishes which are suitable for outdoor situation. There are lots of paints choices you can buy in the paint shops. So we highly recommend you to seal the wooden windmill tower plans with wood paints which are suitable for any weather.

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